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digimod FT8/ROS,...
Hello all,

after more than 20 years of shutdown, my station restarted since few weeks. i thought that nobody will be there, but i'm was wrong!!

i see that 11m evolve and some channel seem "reserved" for digmod.

i'm unsing ROS on 27.635Mhz but i don't know in which frequency i need to go for FT8 27.245Mhz, 27.500Mhz?

thanks in advance for your answers


27.245 MHz - JS8
27.500 MHz - PSK, Olivia, CW
27.635 MHz - ROS
27.700 MHz - SSTV

Regards, see You on waterfall Wink
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thanks a lot
7351 and good DX
27.245 is mainly for JS8CALL it is better for 11 meters as it has more features... and you can use 11 meter calls... this is not so easy on FT8. Search for JS8call in Facebook or 27 MHZ sstv or digimodes 11 meters You will find our groups...

ft8 has experiments but not many stations use this as it is not so usefull for 11 meters band......

SSTV is still in 27.700 usb and the is also sstv page in FB for Cept freq but as there is little or no propagation for many months there is ?has been not great activity....

Packet radio and APRS is the same on 27.245 FM....

RoS as allways still is on 27.635 usb for around the countries of Europe and beyond ...www.

best wishes TM034
best wishes catch you in sstv and OR digimodes 27.245 usb or in 555 and 285...
27.245 is not for FT8 its for JS8 and SIM31, you wont hear FT8 on 11m very often because its author hates CB radio so it doesnt work very well on 27Mghz.
21OP153 Colin
in the cluster to post the ROS qso or other modes we do not have the respective RST so it will be difficult to add
greetings 31RC688
Here are some examples of program links for digital transmision:
chrome-extension:...TX9-m58_vs ROS SSTV, PSK, CW, RTTY
https://www.diogo...xe-5-free/ SSTV, PSK, RTTY, OLIVIA FT8
What is the operating frequency for FT8?
27,245 ?
161BD850 wrote:

What is the operating frequency for FT8?
27,245 ?

I received information that on 11M the frequency for FT8 is 27.265 , I made some contacts there, although FT8 is not 11 meters friendly Sad
Hello everybody!

Is there on 11m a dedicated frequency for FT8? Y a t'il une fréquence réservée au mode FT8 sur le 11m?

I would like to try FT8 ! J'aimerais faire des essais en mode FT8?


16E33 Pierre
OK FT8 on 27265
Thank you very much!

16E33 Pierre
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