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Repair vintage trx.
Hello all. This item to warn and inform all vintage radio enthousiast; like some of us I love vintage equipment. I,'ve had a complete line yeasu ft 902dm. In my possession for about 30 Years. So the trx itself stopped no power no nothing AT all. So I informed at the local Hamshop what to do and who was capable to get the 902dm back to live. He recommended me a repair bussines in the eastern part of 19 div. I telephoned the guy and he said bring it by and I will have a look at it. So I did! This man is well-known as a radio mechanic. After 2 weeks I asked him how it turned out with my 902dm. He told me " I don't like this old junk and the best you can do is to use it as a boatanchor". Every vintage lover will know my feelings, it was a slam in my face!!! So off I was going, and keep my 902dm . About 1 year later on i found another "vintageman" who was willing to take over the line,and I sold the very complete line for a small amount,just for this man feld the same about vintage yeasu,s. Just the day after I contacted him and he send me a picture from my 902dm ; lights on everything lighted up as usual, butbutbut; there where tubes missing from it, and this man had spare ones for replacement so he said ; no problem Co, I know this happens sometimes! (TNX HENK) for thinking relax about this!! But in my opinion it is not done in our small community! So what I didn't get back from the repairman was; the powercord ; the Mic, some xtals in a strip, and missing tubes. And of course no repair at all. So you see check out yourself first about your radiodocter, even if it is the mechanic for a welknownshop!!!! No need to say me and the ones I know doesn't bring our rtx to this "top mechanic " near Zwolle.
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