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Deleted countries
Good morning!
In the seventies I worked Rhodesia (before it was Zimbabwe) and also Yugoslavia. They are deleted countries like East Germany. But Yugoslavia and Rhodesia does NOT count for DXCC!?
Some explanation? 16E33

Just another example: Division 46 (delete) was East Germany It is still a DXCC Division
Division 45 was Yugoslavia, now (after 1991) Serbia but there is NO DXCC Division 'Yugoslavia'
Edited by 16E33 on 21-11-2023 16:45
Dear 2RC279,
I have been transmitting for over 50 years, on 11m and as ham operator.
I know the DXCC rules. My question was a very specific one.
No Administrator , no one reacts?
I will adapt my infos to my own list.
Pierre 16E33
Hello Pierre,
You must distinguish between deleted divisions and changed state names.
For example, the 46th division is deleted because the GDR no longer exists as an independent state since 1990.
In the case of Yugoslavia (now Serbia) and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), only the names of the states have changed, but the division numbers (45 and 85) have remained the same.
73's by 13PR184 Michael
With great pleasure
Smile 73's & 55's
Hallo Michael! Ich verstehe das Beispiel mit Yugoslawien nicht ganz gut!! Nehmen wir Ceskolowakia (division 179), deleted and now (1991) split into Czech Republik (329) and Slowakia (330). Das gleiche geschah mit Yugoslawien ( 45 division) geteilt in verschiedene Republiken ABER der Name YUGOSLAWIEN ist verschwunden!! Das finde ich merkwürdig! Auf einer eigenen, persönlichen Liste ist Yugoslawien ein deleted DXCC Land (353)
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,

Pierre 16E33 (Das gleiche auf den Amateurbändern: OK vor 1991=DXCC, OK neu=DXCC, OM=DXCC) (ON4PS)
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