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74SD101, Kai our friend need help!!!

(Also my Comments i post below this note to get more Backround Info) THIS IS AN INTERNATIONAL HELP CALL ACTION FOR OUR RADIO FRIEND, RAC MEMBER & BROTHER Kai Rust 74SD101 and his family represented by Imke Rust here in RAC Group aswell through myself the Gert W. Benkert...the Arctic Wolf 56RAC001& 56LR367 & KP367 So please support Kai Rust and his family represented by Imke Rust by free Donation... We are all Radio man and know we have voice in World and every Radio Friend and Brother included myself would feel happy to see when he get support from his Radio friends when we where in same situation like Kai (74SD101) now, or? PLEASE FREE TO SHARE THIS ON YOUR RADIO CLUB & FB SIDE!
Here the orginal Letter from Member RAC Honour member Imke Rust..... please feel free to contact her or me also directly if you want Information about Kai etc...
"We, the family, on behalf of Kai 74SD101, would like to extend our deepest appreciation for all the prayers, caring and well wishes extended to Kai and us by his friends and family all over the world.
Background info:
At the end of January my brother, Kai Rust and a farm worker followed barking sounds of dogs on our family farm, where no dogs were supposed to be. When he saw a dog he shot at the dog and also warning shots into the air. Three poachers fled the area. At closer inspection my brother discovered a partly slaughtered kudu carcass behind a rock formation. Close to the kudu carcass he also discovered a dead man. Kai immediately contacted the police.
He was taken into custody on the very same day and a charge of murder was opened against him. Later five more charges were added: three counts of attempted murder, possession of a firearm without a licence and possession of ammunition without a licence… (Kai has never attempted to shot anyone and he has all the applicable licences - issued by the Okahandja police.)
After an unusual long bail hearing, the Okahandja Magistrate’s court denied bail on the grounds that
1. Kai could abscond, as he has a sister (me) who lives in Germany most of the year. (He indicated that he has no intention to, and that he has no valid passport.)
2. That he tried to conceal this information (which he did not – he willingly supplied them with this information)
3. That he refused to answer all questions posed to him during the bail hearing. (On his lawyer’s advice, he exercised his constitutional right to remain silent in respect of the events at the time of the shooting incident, during the bail application. To exercise his right should not be held against him.)
4. He could interfere with the state witness, who is also our employee. (If he wanted to, he could have done that right from the start, instead he ensured that the employee stayed at the site, makes himself available for questioning and gave a statement to the police.)
Kai was denied bail, although
1. Kai was the one who immediately called the police and assured his full cooperation
2. It has so far not been established beyond doubt how exactly the poacher has died, and if his death can in any way be linked to Kai.
3. Kai has no previous convictions whatsoever
4. Kai never intended to kill anybody and under oath confirmed that he has never in his life pointed a gun at another human being or shot at anybody.
5. Poachers have in the past repeatedly illegally hunted on this farm, killed numerous cattle and wildlife, and caused great financial losses.
Everybody who knows Kai, knows he is a gentle and kind-hearted person who would never intentionally harm any other person and definitely not kill anybody.
On the other hand, the three poachers who fled the scene, were caught by the police two days after the incident and released on a minimal bail on the same day… The poachers and the deceased person were illegally on our property and had no permission to hunt there. They were in possession of a number of speers, a panga (large bush knife) and a knife, which they left behind at the scene. They also had several trained hunting dogs with them on the fateful day. If they had not consciously chosen to commit an illegal crime against us my brother would not be in this difficult situation now.
It appears as if there is a wish to use this case politically in order to stir the racial tension against white farmers, and that this is done by any means, no matter how just or fair they are.
Kai’s lawyer is convinced that there is no way that Kai can/will be found guilty of the murder charge, but it could take years before the court case even starts, or is finalised. Until such time Kai would have to stay in custody, before his innocence can be proven. The lawyer has now laid an appeal against the rejection of bail at the Namibian High Court, so that Kai can return home and continue to look after the farm until the final findings.
Kai, who has turned himself in, is fully willing to face the court hearing in this case and prove that he is not guilty of these charges. He has now been imprisoned for almost 7 weeks and has to endure really bad and inhumane conditions in the cells while waiting for the outcome of his appeal against the bail rejection and then the final trial…
Several friends have asked if they could support Kai financially with the unexpected and large expenditure for legal costs.
We would appreciate and welcome any financial support if you feel that you would like to help Kai in such a way. It would help tremendously and even a small amount could reach a long way.
We have opened a special bank account for Kai’s legal costs. If you would like to donate, please transfer your chosen amount to the following account and specify it as a donation. In order to avoid high bank charges on smaller money transfers to Namibia, we have opened an online European account. From here we will transfer the collected amount in one go to the Namibian account. The account is in the name of myself, Imke Rust, Kai’s sister. If you need any further information you are welcome to contact me. "
Bank: MoneYou
Account Holder: Imke Rust
Account Name: Friend Support (Tagesgeld Konto)
IBAN DE17 5032 4040 1004 8429 10
If you prefer to donate via Paypal, you are welcome to use my Paypal account. In this case, please use the Donation button installed on my artist blog (right column, scroll down). I will ensure that this money is paid over to Kai’s account too.
If you prefer to pay the money directly into the account in Namibia, please use these details:

Account Name: Friend Assist
Account Number: CHK8005082151
Branch: Okahandja
Branch Code: 482-773
Swift Code: BWLINANX
Bank Windhoek

Personal Contact Info:
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Or my Email adress:
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Imke Rust
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