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A suggestion
I have what i think would be a good feature to add to Dx cluster and would also boost numbers.

Would it be easily possible to be able to type in a callsign and see their log book for certain people or even all people.

It would be useful for clubs to see if there members are actually active and on air or just bookmarking callsigns. If this were possible it would be good if clubs stated you need to sign upto Cluster Dx as a requirement to join and the club admins could check on some of their members to make sure they do actually use the callsign they were given. I come from a small club and we have people who do not use their FI call signs, these people would be better off removed from the club, for example we only want so many UK stations if we have say 50 but only 40 are using their calls then 10 can be replaced. This checking could be an easy way of seeing who is active and who is bookmarking callsigns for the sake of it.
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Hi Richard.
Nice idea but it'll never work I'm affraid
21OP153 Colin
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