Activation 40EK/DX
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on March 25 2018 19:44:56
Activation 40EK/DX
activated by 1EK011 Giuseppe
Time 01.04.18
Beginn ca. 13.00
End late Afternoon ...
Maybe in next 3 days also sporadic worked 11.
m also...Rest Time 40 and 80m .
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Activation 40EK/DX
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on February 28 2018 16:38:47
We are happy that our Member Pino 1EK011 make a activation in Liechtenstein as 40EK/DX at first time in April 2018 and maybe in end April again.
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New DX CC Activation 352EK/0
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on February 28 2018 08:14:50
The EK DX Community Group presents a new special Activation on 11m.
The new DXCC 352 Division Kosovo will be activate by EK Member in 04/05 2018.
The correct Date is secret for moment about the difficult area.
Short before start we will give the Information .

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From Jack 19LV001
Posted by RonaldGrou on February 23 2018 09:31:55
Hi all, i just have received a message from our President of Lima Victor Jack
at this moment he is in the hospital, and sends greetz to all of you, in a few days he will be online here with a laptop
so he is offline for a few days and wil come online within a few days.
for now he sends greetings to all of our DX Friends 73's

he asked me if i could post this from him to all of you.

Regards, and 73's from me 19LV656, Ronald

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Posted by 14AT431 on January 25 2018 14:59:41
Republic of Kosovo
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Radio Ghost Award 2018
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on January 19 2018 15:50:39
Radio Ghost Award 2018
The EK DX Community Group invite all Operator and all Groups to be a part of a new mystery Game.
The RGA is very simple to's no Contest, it gives no Points, no Progressive Number, no special Callsign.
If you want to start send a email to or by website or Toni EK DX by Facebook.
Time : 01.02.2018 0.00 utc
-- 28.02.2018 0.00 utc
20 Radio Ghosts (Not only EK,also lot other Calls) around the world will be 4 weeks on air how often they can. All will call with their normal Callsign. Nobody (without me) knows who is a Radio Ghost . The Ghosts don't know each other.
The Ghosts makes normal Contact's and spot this into
After the Event I give the Information who are the 20 Radio Ghosts.
All Registrated Station can see after controll all logs of the ghosts how much they found and speak.
For all Stations gIves a special Download Radio Ghost Award on our website.
Enjoy and have fun by this new mystery Game and be a part of Radio Friends who stay together.
We wish you good DX Contacts and lot of Luck to make a QSO to a Radio Ghost.
73s EK DX Community Group
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Charly Whisky Dx GROUP
Posted by Jerome 54CW001 on December 21 2017 23:43:21

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Delta-Lima New DX-Group
Posted by Delta-Lima on December 20 2017 21:36:00
may i introduce the new DX-Group Delta-Lima

we found that group on July 2017

We are looking for new Members for our new DX-Group
its pretty simple to join

To join our Delta Lima DX-Group You need

only 30 confirmed countries
only one time 6 Euro or 8 USD.
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Echo KILO DX Community CCP Event 2017
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on October 10 2017 20:43:47
Winner List for EK DX CCP Event 2017
Online by Toni EK DX Facebook.
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Echo KILO DX Community CCP Event 2017
Posted by Toni 13EK111 on September 12 2017 22:41:30

Any Info Facebook Toni EK DX
or email
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Posted by david on September 04 2017 15:43:45
29SD/WAW Extended until April 2018
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