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Tracking a Gigantic Sunspot Across the Sun
Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on November 03 2014 12:23:52
An active region on the sun an area of intense and complex magnetic fields rotated into view on Oct. 18, 2014. Labeled AR 12192, it soon grew into the largest such region in 24 years, and fired off 10 sizable solar flares as it traversed across the face of the sun. The region was so large it could be seen without a telescope for those looking at the sun with eclipse glasses, as many did during a partial eclipse of the sun on Oct. 23.

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New Promo ClusterDX
Posted by 19LV002 PJ on October 17 2014 12:36:51
New Promo ClusterDX
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Download the ClusterDX App here
Posted by 19LV002 PJ on August 21 2014 07:56:13
Download the ClusterDX App here

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Mobile version ClusterDX
Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on June 18 2014 22:01:08
Hi all.
I do not know if everyone noticed a new tab - MOBILE VERSION (navigation sub-header)
The mobile version of ClusterDX web page.
I hope that it will page more readable on mobile devices.

Best Regards Tomek
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1OD/000 Italian Club Station
Posted by 1OD077 on May 13 2014 16:59:41
1OD/000 Italian Club Station
1OD112 Marino
Date: 01/06/2014 - 20/12/2014

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16WO/FF World War 1914-1918 We will remember them!
Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on April 16 2014 07:59:53
16WO1740 Rik
Date: 28/07/2014 - 11/11/2018

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Archives spots 2012-2013
Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on February 18 2014 11:57:39
Hello all, I do not know if everyone noticed, but the results ClasterDX now include the current year 2014.
Spots from the period 2012-2013 have been moved to the archive. Search the archive of spots available in the left menue website.

Best Regards Tomek
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Photo gallery
Posted by Tomek_161LV001 on February 02 2014 19:39:24
Returned to the site again photo gallery. I hope it will revive some website and increase visits to old and new members ClusterDX
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Added by Peter 29at118 on 23.11.2014
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16WO/FF & 161LV00116WO/FF & 161LV001
Added by Tomek_161LV001 on 25.09.2014
Views: 52
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