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How can i make a Personal Nick page and design (gold Member only)
How can i make a Personal Nick page and design (gold Member only)
On the right side panel you can at your Personal Page
after you have greate one, you can modify the personal site
bij using the following Coding.

Bold [b]{text}[/b] Makes {text} bold Bold example

Italic [i]{text}[/i] Makes {text} italic Italic example

Underline [u]{text}[/u] Underlines {text} Underline

Strikethrough [s]{text}[/s] Create a strikethrough on {text}

Font-size [size={number}]{text}[/size]
[style size={number}]{text}[/style] Changes the font-size of {text}

Font color [color={color}]{text}[/color]
[style color={color or hex}]{text}[/style] Changes the color of {text}

Center text [center]{text}[/center] Centers {text} on screen

Left align text [left]{text}[/left] Left aligns {text} on screen

Right align text [right]{text}[/right] Right aligns {text} on screen

Quote [quote]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box containing {text}

Quote (named) [quote={name}]{text}[/quote] Creates a quotation box quoting {name} as saying {text}

Link [url]{url}[/url] Makes a link to {url}

Link (named) [url={url}]{text}[/url] Makes a named link to {url}

Image [img]{url}[/img] Shows the image indicated by {url}

Image (resized) Full version: [img width={width} height={height} ...]{url}[/img]
Another variant (shorthand): [img={width}x{height}]{url}[/img] Shows {url} image resized to {width} and {height}

List Unordered list: [ul]{items}[/ul]
Ordered list: [ol]{items}[/ol]
Another variant: [list]{items}[/list] Displays a list of {items}

List item [li]{text}[/li]
Shorthand: [*]{text}newline Specifies an {item} within a list

Code [code]{text}[/code] Meant for rendering code snippets

Preformatted [code]{text}[/code] Renders the {text} while maintaing all white spacing

Tables [table]{rows}[/table] Show a table with {rows} in it

Table rows [tr]{cells}[/tr] Renders a table row containing {cells}

Table content cells Heading cell: [th]{content}[/th]
Content cell: [td]{content}[/td] Shows {content} in a table (heading) cell

Youtube videos [youtube]{id}[/youtube] Shows the youtube video indicated by {id}




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